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Trump Presidency Drives Global Factors

The Trump presidency and the geopolitical turbulence to come with it will drive global macroeconomic factors in 2017, says Cerulli Associates. Although the repercussions remain to be seen after his inauguration in January, one thing that the Asian asset management industry will be closely watching is how his pledge to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States pans out. This issue will be particularly important to Asian countries as many of them count the United States as one of their top five trading partners. If the trade faucet to the United States begins to shut, this will inevitably lead to some restructuring as these economies seek and find new exports markets or new export products. A widespread restructuring will have an impact on asset allocations in Asian markets. However, this will be a long-term process. Any short- to medium-term pain felt by Asian retail and institutional investors in the face of such changes would be the price they have to pay for longer-term gains. 

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