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New Government, New Taxes—get into the know.

It’s no secret that the new government has been shaking things up when it comes to taxes. What might be less obvious are the impact these changes will have on your disposable income now, and your financial plans for the future. 

  • Your tax rate may have gone up, or down depending on your income level
  • If you rely on family or child benefits, these have changed
  • Plus, you may be affected by changes to Small Business Tax, Home Buyer’s Plan Rules, TFSA rollback rules, and more.
If you want to know more about the tax changes and how they may impact your long-term and short term saving plan, we recommend you review 2016 Budget Highlights. This infographic outlines just what changes are in effect now and which are being phased out.
To find out if any of your investment plans need revising, due to these tax changes, contact us at 905-837-2600, and we can work together to build a strategy that keeps your plans on track.

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