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Money Worries Distract Workers

Half of working Canadians (42%) feel distracted at work because they are worrying about money, says Manulife's ‘Financial Wellness’ study. It also shows that people with a higher level of financial wellness are less distracted at work. "Financial wellness is not about how much money you have," says Charles Guay, executive vice-president and general manager, institutional markets, at Manulife Canada and president and CEO of Manulife Québec. "A person who has a high level of financial wellness is someone who is confident and knowledgeable about budgeting, retirement planning, investments, debt, or insurance. Through this research we confirmed that we need to view our customers, and Canadians, holistically. That means not only helping them achieve their retirement goals, but also addressing their near term needs as well." The research reveals that feeling stressed and worried over financial matters is very common in Canada. The study showed that 70%t of Canadians agreed that they worry about their financial situation often or sometimes, and among people with a low level of financial wellness, 85% worry about money often or sometimes.

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