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Employee Engagement Levels Rise

Employee engagement levels and their perception of their overall work experience are following suit in a majority of regions worldwide, says research from Aon Hewitt. Its annual study indicates that employee engagement levels increased to 61% in 2013, up one percentage point from 2012 and three percentage points from 2011. Perceptions of certain areas like safety and benefits have improved (+6 points and +5 points, respectively), yet there is deterioration in strategic areas like business unit leadership (-4 points), innovation (-2 points), and a compelling employee value proposition (falling 2 points for each of the last two consecutive years). “A number of factors, including social, demographic, technological, and macro-level economic changes, have challenged business leaders to create agile, innovative organizations that can grow,” says Dr. Ken Oehler, its global engagement practice leader. “But creating this type of organization is impossible without having engaged employees, and companies with low-to-moderate engagement levels will struggle.” The study shows that organizations overcoming business and people challenges are investing in a culture of engagement built on performance focus, strong reputation, and superior leadership. These investments are resulting in stronger company performance.

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