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Chronic Conditions Keep People From Working

Chronic conditions common in older age finds strong associations with people being out of labour force, particularly when conditions are paired, says an Institute for Work & Health (IWH) study. Despite a growing effort on the part of policy-makers and employers to keep older workers in the labour market, health problems remain a big reason many of them leave their jobs. The study found people with heart disease, arthritis, and other types of chronic conditions associated with older age are less likely to be working than those without these conditions. For example, people with heart disease are three times more likely not to be working than those without the condition. What’s more, people with more than one chronic condition are even more likely to be not working. For those with both heart disease and diabetes, in particular, the risk of not being in the labour market is at least eight times as high as it is for those with neither condition. The study’s results imply that policies set up to try to keep older workers in the workplace should address the barriers faced by people with chronic conditions.

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