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Millennials Become More Engaged

So-called Millennials – the generation entering the workplace after 2000 who have often been characterized as self-interested, difficult employees – are becoming more engaged the longer they are in the workforce, says Aon Hewitt’s annual list of ‘Best Employers in Canada.’ With the benefit of 15 years of data, this year the research team took a closer look at a challenge on many employers' minds: how to effectively manage and engage Millennials, the baby boomers’ children who entered the workplace after 2000. “We’ve consistently read in the media and heard from employers that Millennials have unrealistically high expectations of employers and seem willing to change jobs on a whim,” says Neil Crawford, leader of the study. “Maybe not surprisingly, Millennials have typically scored low on our engagement survey compared to other generations, but looking back over the last seven years, it’s clear that this stereotype is changing.”

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