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Illness Impacts Young Workers

Young workers and seniors are the most impacted when they need time off work due to an illness or disability because less than half are covered by employer sick leave and disability leave plans, says a Conference Board of Canada report. ‘Disability Management and Benefits 2013: Driving Productivity with Effective Workplace Practices’ says only a third of 18 to 24 year olds in the workforce (34%) have any paid sick days or short-term disability coverage. Only a quarter (26%) have coverage in the event of a long-term disability. As well, less than half of individuals in the workforce over the age of 65 have paid sick days or short-term disability leave and only 41% have long-term disability coverage. "As a country, we need to be conscious of the importance of sick leave and disability management programs on vulnerable groups of employees," says Karla Thorpe, director, leadership and human resources research. Employees with mental health issues are also somewhat more vulnerable than those with physical health issues. More organizations offer supportive programs and services for physical health issues (61%) than mental health issues (53%). Slightly over half of employees surveyed said that programs and services that support their physical health are helpful (52%); but fewer (40%) agreed that the mental health supports provided by their employer are useful.

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