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Employers Starting To See Importance

Paying attention to healthy employees and those with chronic conditions will pay off, says Dawn Noordam, senior consultant, at Towers Watson. In the ‘Pathway to Health and Productivity’ session at the 2013 CPBI Pacific Regional Conference, she said its ‘Staying at Work’ survey shows employers are starting to see the importance of the health and well-being of their employees. And they are looking beyond the physical, and considering the emotional, social, and even financial health of employees. The survey shows it is clear employers can make a difference. In Canada, they want to move from patchwork of wellness tactics towards clear articulated strategies and differentiate their health programs from their competitors as a part of the employee value proposition. To accomplish this, they are turning to the host of new services and vendors available to expand the level of support employers can offer and using better employee communications, including social media, to influence employee health behaviour and lifestyle choices. However, unlike the U.S. where the cost of healthcare is a motivating factor, Canadian companies are measuring the return on investment of these programs in terms of improved employee productivity. However, the challenge is to find ways to increase the participation rate in these programs.

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