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Using Brain Keeps It Sharp

The more you want to use your brain ‒ and the more you enjoy doing it ‒ the more likely you are to stay sharp as you age, says a study from Concordia University's Department of Psychology published as part of ‘Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month.’ It made three key findings which can help forecast cognitive ability in one’s golden years. It says the more one seeks out and enjoys cognitively demanding activities, the less likely one is to experience cognitive decline later in life. As well, doing a variety of different cognitive activities helps boost brainpower post-retirement. Finally, people who exhibit even mild signs of depression are more likely to show a decline in brainpower once they leave the office for good. Author Larry Baer says that “retirement usually occurs right around the time when normal age-related declines in cognitive function come to the fore. So it is important to understand what is happening to brainpower during this period and to identify risk factors for mental decline, as well as factors that will help protect against it.” He hopes the results of the study will influence the design of future interventions aimed at maintaining the cognitive health of retirees.

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