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Mature Want To Work On Their Terms

More than half (57%) of mature workers desire to keep working, but on their terms, says a study by Ceridian and CARP. ‘Second Wind: The Evolving Nature of Retirement’ says to retain and recruit them, employers need to be prepared to address mature workers' health concerns. Adopting a progressive approach to workplace wellness contributes to a healthier aging population and can help make it easier for companies to extend health benefits beyond traditional retirement age ‒ a desire of nearly half (48%) of the study's respondents. The study says the traditional nine-to-five, five-day work week doesn't appeal to many who are choosing to work beyond retirement age. As such, employers should consider non-traditional work arrangements such as flexible hours and job-sharing as desired by 46% of respondents and phased-in retirement options, as desired by 41% of respondents to accommodate a strong desire for work-life balance. 

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