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Drug Coverage Needs Overhaul

The prescription drug coverage system in Canada is clearly in need of a major overhaul, with unequal pricing, rising costs, and a patchwork of drug coverage offered to Canadians. If action is not taken soon, it will not be around for future generations, says a Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) public policy paper. ‘Ensuring the Accessibility, Affordability, and Sustainability of Prescription Drugs in Canada’ sets out actionable recommendations for reform. As a priority, it recommends that the federal agency that regulates prices for new drugs be fundamentally reformed to drive prices down. As well, discussions need to start on creating a common, national, minimum list of drugs that will be covered for all Canadians and governments must lead a discussion to work towards the creation of a new, collaborative, approach to approving and paying for very rare orphan drugs. Frank Swedlove, CLHIA president, says "the current patchwork of systems across the country inflates costs, creates a great deal of confusion, and even worse, results in significant financial hardship for some Canadians with respect to the cost of drugs."

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