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Retirement Bad For Health

While it may provide an initial sense of relief and well-being, over the long-term, retirement is bad for your health, says a study out of the U.K. The Institute of Economic Affairs’ ‘Work Longer, Live Healthier’ suggests that retirement increases the likelihood of developing depression and at least one physical illness. It analyzed data from a survey of 11 European countries and found that when comparing older people who were still working with those who were retired, retired people were 39 per cent less likely to assess their own health as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’; 41 per cent more likely to suffer from depression; 63 per cent more likely to have at least one physical condition; and 60 per cent more likely to be taking medication for such a condition. The study did not find any significant differences between women and men when it came to self-assessments of health, but did find the negative effect on mental and physical health was slightly higher for women. It did not examine whether the effects on health are different depending on the type of work ‒ manual labour versus office work, for example. "Old people benefit from continuing some form of paid work for longer instead of retiring entirely," it concludes. 

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