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Green Perceptions Engage Employees

Workplace perceptions of employers’ environmental programs and practices help sustain high employee engagement, says Aon Hewitt on the release of its list of Canada’s ‘Green 30,’ organizations whose employees are most positive about their record on environment stewardship. Amongst the ‘Green 30,’ 83 per cent of employees have a positive perception of their employer’s eco-friendly efforts, compared to only 45 per cent amongst the 30 organizations with the least positive employee perceptions. The key metric for determining the list is performance on Aon Hewitt’s ‘Green Index,’ which focuses on employers’ environmental strategies and activities and their efforts to consider long-term social, environmental, and economic impacts when making business decisions. “There is a significant difference in the ‘Green Index’ scores between the ‘Green 30’ and other organizations. Our analysis indicates that building and maintaining high employee satisfaction with social and environment practices is a key factor in sustaining strong employee engagement,” says Neil Crawford, its leader of the ‘Best Employer in Canada’ study. “Employees in ‘Green 30’ organizations are consistent in their positive perceptions across a range of environmental stewardship dimensions and are well aware of their employers’ eco-friendly efforts.”

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