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Few Want To Plan For Retirement

People who look forward to planning their retirement are few and far between, says the Desjardins ‘Personal Finance Index.’ It found in Quebec, only 46 per cent of the population actually engages in this type of planning. "Financial education is second nature to us. But when it comes to planning for retirement, we know it's essential to go beyond the financial aspects and talk to our members and clients on a more personal level. We need to understand their goals and what makes them happy. Only then can we start the planning process," says Eric Lachaîne, senior vice-president of Desjardins Group Wealth Management. For those who haven't taken the time to estimate retirement income or establish a financial plan, Desjardins has a variety of educational and awareness tools to help plan for it. Its ‘Successful retirement’ campaign is a series of initiatives to help individuals between 45 and 65 plan their retirement. The concept is different from the ‘finances only’ approach, and covers other important aspects before and after retirement.

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