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Cancelling Work From Home Requires Steps

If an employer wants to maintain its right to recall employees back to work and cancel work-from-home arrangements, it needs to take certain steps, says a Fasken Martineau ‘HR Space.’ It says with the exception of an employer’s duty to accommodate for a disability or unique childcare obligations under human rights legislation, employers are not required to allow employees to work from home. However, once an arrangement to do so is in place, legal issues arise that may hinder an employer’s ability to recall its employees back to the workplace. When putting in place a work-from-home policy, employers should document all work-from-home or other alternate work arrangements and include a provision in the employment or work-from-home contract which provides the employer with the discretion to cancel alternate work arrangements. In a unionized work environment, they should include a provision in the collective agreement which permits the employer to cancel alternate work arrangements, at its discretion. These steps can give employers the flexibility to end employees’ flexible work arrangements, it says.

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