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Participation In Benefits Strong

Participation in healthcare benefits programs in Canada is strong (92%) especially when offered through their employer, says an HP health and wellness survey. It also found 97% are quite satisfied with the healthcare information they are receiving through their health and wellness care provider. Compared to American consumers, satisfaction with the benefits information they are receiving is higher among Canadians with Canadians saying they are well-informed about their healthcare benefits and the information is easy to understand especially when provided through their employer. Consumers prefer active usage information, such as ‘explanation of benefits’ and ‘summary of prescription and usage,’ over general benefits information such as ‘newsletters’ and ‘wellness tips and tricks.’ Traditional channels such as e-mail (44%) and regular mail (33%) continue to be top ways to deliver healthcare information to Canadians. For those who prefer mobile, text messaging is the most popular way they would like to receive information (55%).

Courtesy of Benefits and Pensions Monitor website News Alerts

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