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Living a less materialistic, more meaningful life

As a new year begins, it's an ideal time to pause and take stock of your life. Another year has come and gone. Are you enjoying a meaningful life - or are you stuck on the proverbial treadmill of today's materialistic world?

Many people are starting to redefine success as emotional or spiritual happiness and to adopt a less materialistic lifestyle. Here are some tips:

Drill down to your real priorities. Try to articulate your goals without directly naming a physical object. What you may find is that your goals have little to do with spending. Instead of a big house, you may dream of a warm and inviting place for family and friends to gather. Instead of trendy clothes, you may simply want to look your best. Not a fancy car, but driving in comfort and safety. Not keeping up with the latest gismos, but having the financial security to not have to worry about money.

Change your shopping approach. With your re-stated priorities in mind, it becomes easier to evaluate your spending. Will that item you'd like to buy contribute to your goals, or will it detract from them by forcing you to work more? By taking time to invest in things that offer lasting value, you can better appreciate your purchases and waste less time replacing them. Whenever possible, buy experiences rather than things - like an educational course or travel that broadens your horizon and perspective.

Do more with less. Focus on activities that provide satisfaction without costing much, if anything. Spending leisure time with loved ones is an obvious one. Alone or with others, you can enhance the quality of your life with beautiful music, classic literature, local sports or theatre, hiking, nature, hobbies or by restoring things.

All of us here at Matheis Financial Group, Investment Planning Counsel wish you a wonderful year pursuing new meaning and joy in your life. For help with a plan to achieve financial security, call us for an appointment.


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