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Group RRSP & Pension Plan Questions

Q: What kind of Plans do you administer?

A: Matheis Financial Group administers many different kinds of Group plans, from Group Registered Retirement Savings Plans to Defined contribution plans.
Q: My company offers a plan that you administer, how do I enroll?
A: If you are a member of one of the Group Plans that Matheis Financial Group administers and you require information, please visit your Payroll person department for information on how to enrol. Once you obtain some information, you can contact Matheis to either set up an appointment or provide you with the information that your Payroll person has instructed you to obtain.
Q: How do I complete the forms?
A:Your Matheis Rep can help you complete your Group Application and can direct to an Investment Advisor at Matheis to help you choose your investments wisely.

Q: What do I do if my information changes?
A: If you have an address change or want to change other information, such as your beneficiary, please call your Matheis Rep for advise on what forms you need and how to complete these changes.
Q: What happens if I am no longer a member of my Group Plan (NABET excluded)
A: If you are no longer a member of one of the Group plans (excluding NABET), you will be contacted by your Matheis Rep and will receive an Options Package from the insurance carrier. Matheis is copied on this Options Package and will contact you regarding your options but please feel free to contact Matheis Financial Group in advance to discuss moving your assets out of the Group Plan and into a vehicle of your choice.

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